Windows Security – From End to Edge and Beyond

Me and my great friend Tom Shinder are very pleased to announce that we signed a contract with Syngress to write our next book, which will be about Windows 8 Security. This is our greatest project for 2012 and we are very excited about this new partnership with Syngress. If you take a look on Syngress’s website you will see that their infosec portfolio cover many areas such as:

Note: you will also find in one of these pages the book that our friend Tim “Thor” Mullen wrote (watch Episode 10 for more details).

While we can’t reveal too many details about what we will cover in this book, you can definitely expect broad and deep coverage of many security features that are coming with Windows 8 as well as Cloud implementations.

Stay tune also on Tom’s blog, he will bring some more details about the project.

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