Where are you dude?

Even I can’t believe that last time that I wrote here was 18 days ago, I think I was never away from here for so long. Although I’m away from here, I’ve been writing in many other places, recording episodes for our Security Talk Show and working on my regular activities at Microsoft (which is Win8 Security stuff)….so, it’s quiet busy these days. Here are some of my updates for this past month:

New Articles at TechNet Wiki

New Episodes of From End to Edge and Beyond

What’s coming next?

There are lots of things coming next and as soon as I can I will be announcing here a new project that me and Tom Shinder will work in 2012. For my Brazilians friends I can tell you that a new book about information security in Portuguese is also coming in 2012, it will be again published by Editora NovaTerra (more info soon) and the second edition of my Security+ book in Portuguese should also be out next year.

Our Security Talk Show is also going to finish the year with two more great episodes (13 and 14) that are planned to be released in December. In Episode 13 (called “Demo Day”), me and Tom Shinder will demonstrate some cool scenarios (probably related to DA and TMG) and on Episode 14 we will have the TechNet Guy talking about Cloud and Office 365.

See ya around !

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