From End to Edge and Beyond – let’s talk about security?

Last May 2nd me and Tom started this project as he outlined in this post. We currently have two episodes live: Episode 1 with hosting Jim Harrison as guest and Episode 2 hosting Kevin Saye as Guest. We already recorded Episode 3, where will not have a guest, but we will discuss general security topics and demonstrate an attempt to exploit a vulnerability in a Windows system. Episode 3 will be live next week (first week of June).


But I’m here today to invite you Forefront MVP and Enterprise Security MVP to participate on the show. Even if you can’t be here in Texas (where we record the Episodes), we have plans to host you as a guest using Live Meeting. Sounds interesting? It is…I think it is a good way that you can reach out the community and discuss security topics with us, for example: demonstrate a technology that you feel it is important to assist customers using Microsoft products with their security needs.

Start planning now what you want to present and make sure to reach me and Tom with your proposal. Access the Security Talk show blog and send an e-mail to us with your plan. We already have a solid agenda for Episodes 4 and 5 (July), but we are open for Episode 6 (August). Think about and let’s talk about security with us.

Have a great weekend and if you are in US, have a great Memorial Day.

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