Forefront Contest Final Results

For the last three weeks I was interacting with you in this contest, it was fun to me to write those questions, to receive your answers and chat about the results. Today I’m going to give you the answers for the last round (FPE) and also the final result with the name of the professional that will win the Forefront book collection signed by me and Tom Shinder. Let’s start by the FPE answers:

  1. T,F,T,F
  2. C
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C

This round we just had two IT PRO that were able to make it above 10 points, which means the #FF for the week goes to @liontux (15 points) and @usouzajr (12 points). If you make the calculation and read my previous posts you will realize that the only one that never missed even one question was @liontux…so yes, he is the winner!!


Congratulations Leonel Leperlier the Forefront book collection is yours!!

I would like to also thanks all the other folks that participated in this contest, here it is the full list:


This is it folks, thanks again and keep in touch !!

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