Results for the Forefront Contest Round Two

It’s Friday and this means that we have the results for the round two (UAG), without delays let’s move on to the answers:

  • Question 1) A
  • Question 2) A
  • Question 3) F,T,F,T
  • Question 4) C
  • Question 5) C

In this round we didn’t have too many questionable scenarios; most of the contestants didn’t have difficult to interpret the questions. Matter of fact question number one made some people to think that I was trying to trick them, which I actually was Smile. Remember, UAG is an ISAPI filter, so it doesn’t have any native kernel driver, it leverages HTTP.SYS and take advantage of TMG Kernel driver (FWENG.SYS), but still no native driver.

Let’s congratulate the champs of the second round of questions in the Forefront Contest Quiz, they got either all possible points (15) or most of them (12):


@liontux (15)
@jjatsilversands (15)
@cfalta (12)
@pkpatel8 (12)
@usouzajr (12)
@teemukir (12)

Congratulations guys and enjoy your weekend because Monday we have the last round with FPE questions!!

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