Forefront Contest Round Two – UAG Questions

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are now ready for the second round of questions. Before we start I recommend you to review the rules on the following posts:

Having read that, let’s move on to the UAG questions:

Question 1) What is the name of the native Forefront UAG Kernel component? (2 points)

a. UAG doesn’t have a native kernel mode component.
b. fweng.sys
c. HTTP.sys
d. TCPIP.sys

Question 2) Consider a scenario where the UAG administrator is trying to publish Exchange 2010 OWA and users are complaining that when they access it they see the following screen: (2 points)


UAG administrator notices the following entry in the UAG’s web monitor log:


What could be the reason for this behavior?

a. The OWA portal was published using the wrong template.
b. Users don’t have permission to access the OWA portal.
c. Exchange CAS is denying the request.
d. UAG rule was not activated yet.

Question 3) Choose T (True) or F (False) for the sentences below about array management on UAG: (2 points)
(Note: only the full set of correct answers will receive 2 points)

a. (__) An UAG node can only be joined to an array as part of the installation.
b. (__) If you have SSL Trunks, make sure you have the SSL certificates installed on each member. Certificates are not replicated automatically! If member is missing such a certificate, activation will fail on this member.
c. (__) Domain membership is not required prior to creating the array and joining new members.
d. (__) Array Admin role is needed in both TMG and UAG to create and join nodes to the array.

Question 4) About SSTP in UAG SP1, what option below is NOT true? (2 points)

a. SSTP uses non-split tunneling by default.
b. In array, only static IP configuration is supported - no DHCP
c. It supports all major Windows versions as client (from XP to 7).
d. Any disconnection in SSTP tunnel is propagated to SSL App tunnel.

Question 5) You are installing UAG and during the installation you receive an error message saying: “UAG Setup Failed”. You looked at %windir%\temp folder but all the information there are related to TMG. Where UAG setup logs are located? (2 points)

a. %windir%\UAG\Logs
b. %ProgramFiles%\UAG\Logs
c. %ProgramData%\Microsoft\UAG\Logs
d. %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Forefront UAG\Logs

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