Results for the Forefront TMG Contest Round One

I would like to start today’s post with a BIG THANK YOU for your GREAT participation; regardless of the result I think that the learning experience is the most important thing here. Now let’s go to the results:

  • Question 1) C
  • Question 2) B
  • Question 3) A
  • Question 4) D
  • Question 5) A,C (only the full answer is considered correct, half answer = 0 points)

Some facts from those answers considering that we had 16 contestants:

  • Only four chosen another answer other than C on Question 1.
  • All contestants got the Question 2 correct.
  • Only four chosen another answer other than A on Question 3.
  • Seven contestants chosen another answer other than D on Question 4.
  • Only four contestants correctly answered (full answer) Question 5.

Some questions are documented in blogs that I wrote, for example question 3 and 4 are documented here. Let’s congratulate the champs of the first round of questions in the Forefront Contest Quiz, they got either all possible points (15) or most of them (12):

image @liontux (15)
@jjatsilversands (15)
@Terendo (12)
@cfalta (12)
@pkpatel8 (12)
@usouzajr (12)

Note: I will be sending a Twitter DM for all other contestants with their current points.

Congratulations guys and enjoy your weekend because Monday we have the second round with UAG questions!!

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