Forefront Contest Quiz will Begin

After Tom Shinder successfully implemented the contest quiz on his blog and give some prizes to the winner (Jason Jones) last month during the MVP Summit (I was there and saw how much Jason was happy Smile), I started thinking that I should follow my friend Tom on this cool initiative and do something similar. So here how it will work this contest:

  • In order to participate in this contest you need to follow me on Twitter (don’t have a Twitter account yet? Read this article and go create yours) and the contest is not opened for MSFTE (sorry my friends from CSS).
  • During the next three weeks, every Monday I will add a post with five questions (2 points for each question) related to the “topic of the week”, which can be about TMG, UAG or FPE.
  • The way that you will answer those questions is by sending a Twitter Direct Message to me saying the answers, for example: @yuridiogenes Answers for Quiz 1 are A, B, C, D. If you can't DM, just mention @yuridiogenes and add your answers.
  • Every Friday I will add another post with the answers of week and I will FF on Twitter the name of the folks that are accumulating more points.
  • Last Friday of the third week I will announce who won the following collection of Forefront books signed by me and Tom Shinder:


Are you ready to play? Next Monday (March 28th) the first round of questions will come. Stay tune!!

Comments (5)

  1. Hi Helmer, that's the goal 🙂

  2. thomas w shinder - msft says:

    Great idea!

    Can MSFT employees play? 🙂



  3. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Very cool Yuri!!


    Paulo Oliveira.

  4. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Very cool Yuri!!


    Paulo Oliveira.

  5. Hi Yori!

    Great idea! So you are going to follow everybody who will attend (else they are unable to DM you)…?


    Helmer Zandbergen


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