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Disaster Recovery Plan, also known as DRP, this discipline is mainly concern about “Availability”, which is one of the main pillars in the Security Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). The security principals (and common sense) determines that first and foremost we all need to make sure everyone is safe (human life is the top priority in any DRP). In an extreme situation, like our friends from Japan are living at this moment, there are more than just availability to be concern about: integrity and confidentiality might be gone for some business.  In order to assist the business in Japan to have some guidelines on what to do to be back in business the article below was created:


Here are some important points to notice in this article:



…and also the tags that we currently have:


There are much more to add, so make sure that you take some time to add valuable information to this article. This can be very useful for those that are desperate to put their business back on track.

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