Windows Security Survival Guide

Yesterday I post my first WiKi article, it is about Windows Security and the core Windows foundation to cover the security triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability). Many IT Pros sometimes jump directly to try to hardening the system without first step back and analyze the business needs as well as how to cover the core security triad using built in resources available on Windows OS. This article will cover this discussion.

You can access this article from the link below:

The Microsoft TechNet WiKi is a great resource for exchanging experiences by writing content that you feel will be useful for the community. If you have a need and you look for an article and don’t find it, why not you write your own article under Microsoft TechNet? That’s the goal here, to make sure that you can help the community to succeed. Here are some articles that you should read before get involved on this:

Get yourself engaged and enjoy working with such great community!!

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