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I created this blog back in February 2008 and since that day I really tried to bring to you interesting troubleshooting techniques based on real scenarios. This blog was always something that I drove on my own free time (not that I have lot of free time), but I tried to managed my time in such way that posting here was part of my regular agenda. The numbers below show how much the traffic increased over the last couple of years in this blog and I would like to thank you all for contributing with that, is because I know you are reading that I feel energized to keep writing.


I can safely say that 90% of the posts that I wrote for this blog were related to ISA/TMG, which makes a lot of sense to me as I was working for CSS Forefront Edge Team. Yes, you read it right, I “was”. Starting Monday (Feb 14th) I will be fully dedicated to the Windows Security Team as a Technical Writer. As one of the co-authors of the Forefront TMG Administrator’s Companion Book and Forefront TMG Deployment Guide, I plan to keep writing about Forefront TMG here, but certainly will not be on the same frequency as before since I will be dedicated to Windows Security subject. From now on I will be more engaged in produce content that will be available in other locations, such as:


There are some initiatives on the Forefront TMG space that I’m still engaged during this transition phase, which are:

  • MVP Summit 2011 – I hope to see all my MVP friends there, my presentation will be on Wednesday March 2nd (first two sessions in the morning).
  • Talk TechNet – I will be on Episode 11 of Talk TechNet to discuss about Forefront TMG as Secure Web Gateway. More details will soon be available here.
  • TechNet Magazine Article – a new article that I wrote for TechNet Magazine about using TMG to assist on BPOS deployment will be available on TechNet Magazine February issue (expected to be out by Feb 21st).


Again, thanks a lot for visiting this blog and I hope to keep partnering with you in 2011, now in a broader way.


Stay Safe!!

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  1. Olá Mauro,

    Obrigado. Fico feliz em saber o que blog lhe ajudou e espero que continue ajudando em outras áreas de segurança.

    Grande abraço,

  2. @Junaid – I will also miss working with you guys.

    @Zakie – Thanks a lot for driving TMG Business and to be so open for feedback. I will definetly keep doing what I can to assist the business.

    @Paulo – That's the plan my friend. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Yuri for all the great articles , but also i wish good luck on yours new job and new path Yuri.

    And i also know that you also stay here.

    Best regards and good luck 🙂

  4. junaid says:

    We will miss your awesome blogs..

  5. Zakie Mashiah says:

    Thank you Yuri for all the great things you did for the Forefront Edge business

  6. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Hi Yuri,

    now we´re going to have more great articles on Windows Server Security too!!


    Paulo Oliveira.

  7. Tom Probeyahn says:

    Good luck on your new path Yuri!

  8. Mauro Rita says:

    Parabéns pelas novas funções, Yuri !

    Agradeço ainda todo o valioso tempo que me poupaste com a ajuda que este teu blog ISA / TMG me deu.

    1 abraço de Portugal,

    Mauro Rita

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