Almost one month without update, that’s very rare for sure, time is working against me but pretty soon I should be able to breathe again. Last couple of months I was studying to get my CEH certification and couple of weeks ago and I got it. Here are some resources that I recommend you to read if you are studying for this certification:


Some Articles to Complement

Now I’m working to finish my new book (in Portuguese only) about Security+ Certification (Portuguese’s readers go to www.securityplusbr.org for more info). This project should be done by end of this month and this book should be released in Brazil April next year.

On the community space my last contributions were:

My MVP friends are very active these days and here are some great articles that they recently published:

Next week I should have new posts here with some interesting issues that I’m dealing with.

Comments (2)

  1. Thanks Paulo, I'm also looking forward to be fully back 🙂

  2. Paulo Oliveira says:

    We´re looking forward to your return!!! 😉

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