Software Update 1 for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Service Pack 1

We just release a new update for Forefront TMG 2010 called Update 1, this update one includes:

SafeSearch Enforcement. Forefront TMG can enforce blocking adult text, images and videos from search results by popular search engines. SafeSearch can be enforced on specific groups or to the entire organization.
Including non-primary URL filtering categorizations. Forefront TMG uses an algorithm to select a URL’s “primary” category from among up to four categorizations provided by Microsoft Reputation Services (MRS). In Update 1 you can control access to sites that match any of the non-primary categorizations provided by MRS. For example, a URL with a primary categorization of News can now match a rule by any of its non-primary categorizations (such as Web Mail).
Support for Exchange 2010 SP1
Bug fixes and various other improvements. Details will be soon available at

Go get it here.

Comments (3)

  1. Hi Christopher,

    This is expected. For each update that we release the build number will change.


    Yuri Diogenes

  2. Paulo Oliveira says:


  3. Christopher J C says:

    Hi Yuri,

    I have an observation regarding the version that is displayed in the "Installed Updates" section.

    After installing Update 1, the version number of SP1 too changes.

    Version of Update 1 is 7.0.9027.400.

    Version of SP1 before installing Update 1 is 7.0.8108.200.

    Version of SP1 after installing Update 1 is 7.0.9027.200.



    Celestix Networks

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