TMG Managed Control Service taking too much time to start after applying TMG 2010 SP1

Recently I assisted an IT Pro on the Forum thread where the problem was related to this behavior described in the title of this post. The problem happens very precisely, after applying TMG SP1 the TMG Managed Control Service takes too long to start, although it does start. As I describe in the Forum, if you are facing this issue and wants to use the private hotfix for that you will need to open a support case with Microsoft. If the hotfix resolves the problem the case won’t be charged, however if the hotfix does not fix the issue this means that the problem is not the same although the symptom could be similar. In other words, if further troubleshooting is necessary the case will be normally charged. To open a support case use this link , select Forefront Threat Management Gateway (under security) and follow the wizard.

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  1. Make sure to install Update 1 and Update 2 before open a case with CSS. This issue was originally fixed in Update 1, however I recommend install Update 2 to make sure that you are on the latest bits.

  2. Hi,

    I've found a similar problem with the Managed Control Service for TMG – except I hadn't installed TMG SP1. The symptoms are:

    -As soon as the server starts, the network icon in the tray has the blue circle waiting for something.

    -The managed control may or may not have been started by this time.

    -After a few moments most of the TMG services have started, but the Managed Control and Exchange Transport services are in "Starting" mode.

    -After 15 minutes, the TMG Managed Control service stops, and the Exchange Transport shows as started, the blue circle on the network tray icon has gone.

    -Starting the TMG Managed Control service after this starts almost immediately.

    So far I have tried installing TMG SP1, Exchange 2010 RU4 and a host of windows server updates, none have fixed the issue. I shall try PSS after some more troubleshooting, I suspect this is to do with Windows Server 2008 R2 and TMG combo.

    Kind regards,

    Pritesh Patel

  3. Hi,

    We had the problem with TMG Control service hanging in Starting state after server reboot. The service would eventually start after 10 minutes or so but other TMG services remained in stopped state. After manually starting the services everything would work okay.

    This environment consists of two Forefront TMG Enterprise servers in a workgroup configured in Standalone Array. None of the updates and rollups helped but we successfully tracked the problem to certificate issue and the "Intended Purposes" of both "Server Authentication" and "Client Authentication". I have described this issue in my blog article:…/forefront-tmg-enterprise-standalone.html



  4. Aamir Ali says:

    I solved this problem my TMG Server started after eleven minutes. I research out and I Fond TMG make log file every day in much capacity. First i go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway\Logs delet all “.llq” files but not delete sql server files. After that run TMG and go to logs & reports open configure firewall logging and go to field and unchecked all field. But check only 4 fields (Log Date, Log Time, Log Time, Service ). Now my TMG Server start and TMG firewall run only 4 Minutes.

    1. Tom D Baker says:

      This issue plauged me for many years and this was the solution.


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