Using Forefront TMG 2010 as a Secure Web Gateway

Many times we hear consultants, firewall administrators and others asking how to use TMG as a Secure Web Gateway, which is a quiet fair question. But sometimes we also hear things like: where do I enable Secure Web Gateway feature on Forefront TMG 2010? Although this is also a valid question, it shows that whoever is asking this question possibly don’t know that Secure Web Gateway is not a feature, it is a combination of many features to be implemented as a single solution. This confusion is critical to really understand TMG value proposition on this area and how to fit TMG on a SWG scenario. In order to better clarify this gap that we have in the market we (MS Press TMG Book Authors) wrote an article for TechNet Magazine (March 2010 issue) that technically explains how to use Forefront TMG as a Secure Web Gateway, read it more at:

A special thanks to Eric Detoc (Microsoft France) and Thomas Detzner (Microsoft Germany) for reviewing this article.

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