Where is fwengmon on Forefront TMG 2010?

FWEngmon can be used in many circumstances and here are some great examples on how to use this tool:






With Forefront TMG 2010 this tool is gone, but no worries, now it is actually much better since is part of the netsh command. Here it is an output of the command that shows the active sessions:


C:\>netsh tmg show connections


Active Sessions:


                  Source /              Destination /

ID      Protocol  Source Proxy          Dest. Proxy             2-way   Timeout

--      --------  -----------           ------------            -----   -------

15583   TCP(6)         Yes     Yes

4518    TCP(6)         Yes     Yes


4516    TCP(6)         Yes     Yes


4522    TCP(6)       Yes     Yes


4520    TCP(6)       Yes     Yes


4525    TCP(6)         Yes     Yes


4523    TCP(6)         Yes     Yes


4529    TCP(6)       Yes     Yes


4527    TCP(6)       Yes     Yes


15602   UDP(17)         Yes     Yes

15603   UDP(17)         Yes     Yes

15605   UDP(17)         Yes     Yes

15606   UDP(17)         Yes     Yes

15601   TCP(6)        Yes     Yes


There are much more options available, just use the /? And you will see:


C:\>netsh tmg show /?


The following commands are available:


Commands in this context:

show all       - Shows all available information.

show allowedrange - Shows current allowed IP ranges.

show connections - Shows connection element information.

show creations - Shows creation element information.

show global    - Shows driver configuration information.

show holdpackets - Shows information about the hold packets in driver.

show nlbhookrules - Shows NLB hook rule and NLB server assigned ranges information.

show usermodepackets - Shows information about the hold packets currently being handled in user mode.


Now go ahead and start playing with this new built in toy.

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