TMG 2010 RC ISP Redundancy

Recently Tom Shinder published two very useful and well explained (as usual) articles about TMG ISP Redundancy. This is a new TMG feature that for years ISA administrators were looking for and I’m sure you will be very happy with the end results for this feature on TMG. But, before implement it is good to read through the article to understand how it works. Visit the links below for more info on Tom’s article:


Comments (2)

  1. Pennsylvania Cable Deals says:

    Thanks for the link. Very precise information you gathered in the article. Keep it up!


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  2. Martin Žákovic says:

    Excellent article, thank you.

    I use UISP-R for some time.

    I've encountered weird problem when combining ISP-R together with Exchange services publishing to internet using one of providers.

    Are there any recommendations regarding such combination?

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