TMG Administration – a new way to friendly deny users

One thing that most of the Firewall’s administrators struggle with is how to provide a secure outbound control without hurting the user’s experience. Users don’t want to receive an error saying “unable to access the page” or a straight forward “access denied”. Users want a better feedback about what is going on and why they can’t access the web site that they thought it was okay to access.


TMG enhances this experience by allowing you to customize the error message from one single place….yeah, that’s pretty cool. Now when you can create a Deny rule and instead of redirect to another URL (which you can still able to do) you can type in there which error messages you want that the user receives as shown in Figure 1:


Figure 1 – Simple, easy and effective way to give a feedback to the end user.


On the user’s side what he will receive is a window similar to Figure 2:



Figure 2 – User’s experience is improved with a friendly error message.


You haven’t play with TMG Beta 2 yet? Time to start playing since Beta 3 is on the way for this summer. Got get Beta 2 at:


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