TMG – The First 64-bit Microsoft Firewall

Yesterday I was talking with Richard Hicks and he was telling me how excited he was with the new set of features that TMG has.  This is indeed true, many people got really excited with the package of new features that TMG Beta 2 brought, but there is something that you might not realize it yet. TMG is design to run in a Windows Server 2008 64-bit platform…ok, and what this means? Well, this means robustness to your edge device. This means the capability of scale your environment to other levels while your edge device is not the bottleneck of the traffic. To summarize the technical values of what this really means, check it out this table:


Architectural component

64-bit Windows

32-bit Windows

Virtual memory

16 terabytes

4 GB

Paging file size

256 terabytes

16 terabytes


8 GB

4 MB

Paged pool

128 GB

470 MB

Non-paged pool

128 GB

256 MB

System cache

1 terabyte

1 GB

System PTEs

128 GB

660 MB



If you think about it is very interesting to see this in another perspective, because for a firewall standpoint it is not every day that you see such high numbers.


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