IAG 2007 TechNet Library

One last Christmas present for IAG administrators!! It was launched this month the IAG TechNet Library which will be the main source of documentation for IAG. This means that old PDFs for IAG will be retired of updates, those PDFs are still valid for reading and understanding the core concept of IAG and also to have…

Multiple Authentications Prompt while Accessing a Web Site Published through ISA Server 2006

1. Introduction   This post is about an interesting case where customer was publishing a web site through ISA Server 2006 and he wants to receive an authentication prompt when users access the web site rather than show the Forms Base Authentication page. No problem on that, but the issue was that when the external…

TMG on EBS, what to expect?

Do you want to know how TMG plays in the EBS solution? If you do, than next week is your chance to get a full clarification from Amy Babinchak and Tom Shinder in a live presentation. For more information check out Tom’s blog: http://blogs.isaserver.org/shinder/2008/12/09/amy-babinchak-and-tom-shinder-present-on-the-ebs-tmg-firewall/  

Monitoring Malware Through the Edge with Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway

I would like to share with you this article that I wrote for Microsoft Security Tip of the Month (November 2008). This article was reviewed by Yury Berezansky, Senior Developer from TMG Team in Haifa and responsible for the Malware Inspection feature in TMG.   Check it out the complete article here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd253247.aspx