Configuring actions based on ISA Server 2006 Alerts

Last post I explained how Netmon 3.2 can be used to identify an expected traffic and this week I received an email that says: “…is nice that Netmon 3.2 can be used to that but sometimes this happen while we are out of the office and it is hard to track it more information about that traffic. How I can trigger an action when this event happens in the ISA Server?”.


Very interesting question and thanks for asking that! We actually do have a way to take an action based on this ISA Server 2006 Alert.  The ISA Server 2006 Alerts can be customizable in such was that you can trigger an action when it happens. So for example, let’s say that you want to trigger an action when the following alert occurs:


Figure 1 – Event 21284.


You can easily configure that by using the option below:


1. Open ISA Server Management Console.

2. Click Monitoring and click in the Alerts tab.

3. Choose the option Configure Alerts Definitions.

4. In the Alerts tab select the event below and click in Edit.



Figure 2 – Alert Definitions.


5. In the window below click in Actions and choose what action you want to take:



Figure 3 – Selecting the type of event to run.


That’s pretty much it, enjoy your alert customization!

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