TMG Presented at TechEd Brazil 2008

Last Tuesday at TechEd Brazil I was pleased to have around 200 people in the audience with a high expectation about what comes with TMG. This was the first official Microsoft presentation about TMG in Brazil and you can imagine how people were watching closely. While my presentation was about TMG MBE, there were many questions that were not applicable for this release, but we know that the future is coming and Beta 2 is closer than you can imagine. Although the felling of “I want to know more” was a reality during this 1 hour and 15 minutes of presentation, the audience was also amazed by some of the new features that come with TMG, such as Malware Inspection, new Logging architecture (LLQ), Policy Enforcement and NAP Integration.  



During the Malware Inspection Demo, the user was downloading a ZIP file that has a piece of malware in the file. TMG filter intercepted the traffic, scanned, found the malware and showed the following screen to the final user:

That was a great: “wow that’s cool !!”. The presentation moved smoothly and the result was really positive, which makes me feel good to know that the message touched the ISA Admin’s heart that were there.

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