Common Questions and Answers about ISA Server 2006 and Windows Server 2008

With Windows Server 2008 bring so many cool features such as SSL VPN, many customers are asking some questions about this integration. Here are some common questions and answers about this:


1) Can I install ISA Server 2006 in a Windows Server 2008?

No. TMG will be the first Microsoft Firewall that you can install on Windows Server 2008 system.


2) Can I install ISA Server 2006 in a 64bits System?

No. TMG will allow that.


3) Can I join and ISA Server 2006 to a Windows Server 2008 Domain?

Yes you can. We will update the articles below with that info:


4) Does ISA Server 2006 support SSL VPN?

No, but you can publish SSL VPN through ISA Server. Here it is a great article from Tom Shinder that explains how to do that:


5) Can I publish Secure FTP using II7 through ISA Server 2006?

Not in a supported manner. FTPS is not supported on ISA, for more information check the official article here:


Many customers are thinking in going to a 64 bits system for the amount of advantages that this type of system brings, such as performance improvement. You are not wasting your time waiting for TMG, the amount of features, improvements and robustness that this new Firewall will provide is just AMAZING. Do you want to know a little bit more about those advantages? Read this article from Tom Shinder and you will understand why TMG is the Cornerstone of EBS J


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    Yuri’s blog explains some of the detail. But there’s slightly more subtlety to it, which I’ll try to

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