Time, time, time, no time at all


The dilemma is: work life balance and I can tell you that this is hard equation…


I’m 11 days away from my blog and people might think that I gave up, but I didn’t. Actually yesterday I published an article on our team blog called Troubleshooting OWA 2007 Publishing Rules on ISA Server 2006. This post took me a lot of time to setup the lab, repro the most common issues that we have on this area and review it after all.


I’m currently working on other docs for our team and soon more articles will be published on ISA Server Team Blog. What about your own blog Yuri? I will also update, but probably just next week. I’m working on a trick ISA escalation and as soon as I find out the root cause I will blog that. Stay tune!!


For the Portuguese readers the news is that I just finish recording 3 videos for Microsoft TechNet Brazil about IAG 2007. Those videos will be available soon at Microsoft TechNet VideoCast.


The interesting thing that came up this week was an old question with a new shape on it:


Does ISA Server 2006 support FTP Secure? Because now IIS7 can do it, right?

No, ISA Server still not supporting Publishing FTP Secure and the official answer still on the article below:



Yes, IIS7 now can do this and here are a couple of good links on that:


Installing and Troubleshooting FTP7



Using FTP Over SSL



Well, that’s all for today. I hope next time I have a real technical post to publish it here.


See ya.

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