Installing ISA Server 2006 with Supportability Update built in

The ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update is more than only another patch for the ISA Server; it is a combination of fixes and improvements for the product. I worked on a couple of cases where customer would like to install the ISA Server 2006 with this update built in, what we call slipstream version.  However Microsoft doesn’t have a slipstream version of ISA Server 2006 with SU on it, but it is easy to do that on your server. Here how to do it:


1) Copy all the ISA Server files from the CD to a folder on your server (for example: C:\ISABin)

2) Download the Supportability Update to the same folder.

3) Open the command prompt, go to the C:\ISA\FPC folder and run the command below:


msiexec /a MS_FPC_Server.msi /p ISA2006-KB939455-X86-ENU.msp


4) Install ISA Server from the path C:\ISABin\ISAAutorun.exe


Happy ISA Server installation for you J

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