Invitation to Week-Long TechEd 2014 Live Streaming

At this year’s TechEd, Microsoft will announce and demo many remarkable new capabilities and functionalities to be delivered to the IT and developer industry. If not able to attend TechEd 2014 in person,  you can join us online via Tech Ed Live Streaming all week long including the keynotes and technical breakout sessions. In this…


TechNet Radio: Virtually Speaking with Yung Chou – Windows Azure Websites

Yung Chou is back for today’s Azure overview and in this episode he demos for us the Windows Azure website feature. Tune in as he shows just how easy it is to deploy and manage a website within minutes. This is a tool to quickly establish a solid web appearance while Windows Azure automatically provides…


Windows Azure for IT Pros Series: “Web Site” Feature

A cloud OS, Windows Azure is. OS here is a collective term to signify the abilities to identify and manage computation, networking, and storage  resources in data center and form a multi-tenant environment to host application instances relying on these resources. These concepts have been much discussed. "Web Site" is a new feature (and in…


Office Web Apps Overview

Office Web Apps are online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote giving you the freedom to work on Microsoft Office documents with browsers. This screencast gives a high-level overview of the requirements to deploy Office Web Apps in a SharePoint environment, what is a SkyDrive, how you can experience Office Web Apps today, etc….


Cloud Computing with Software + Services (2 of 2)

In part 1, I talked about what is Cloud Computing, what is Software + Services, and why IT Pros should care. Here in part 2, I focused on Microsoft’s efforts and offerings relevant to Cloud Computing, and introduced Microsoft Online Services with the following demos: Acquiring Microsoft Online Services Creating users Managing SharePoint Managing Exchange…


Cloud Computing with Software + Services (1 of 2)

Recently there have been active discussions on Cloud Computing and Microsoft also has brought in a new IT service delivery model called "Software + Services." This series highlights Microsoft’s strategies and efforts in extending the Windows experience to the cloud, and talks about how to take advantages of what cloud computing is offering by extending…


Web Page Translator

 To place a translator on your web page, add the following code <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> You can set it to English to Chinese, Chinese to English, or German to Chinese just for the kick and see what happens. This translator feature will be included in upcoming IE8. With this feature, you will be able to…


Silverlight 2.0

Silverlight 2.0 has been just been released. Here’s a teleconference playback. Silverlight 2 delivers a wide range of new features and tools that enable designers and developers to better collaborate while creating more accessible, more discoverable and more secure user experiences. Personally I have seen so much richness brought to my Web experience by Silverlight. For content…


24 Hours of Windows Server 2008 Webcast Series

Our team has been delivering Windows Server 2008 content and the following is a list of April’s webcasts. I recommend your reviewing of them as part of a daily or weekly training routine to bring your understanding of the features and capabilities offered by the product to a 300 level in a short and predictable…