Are you smarter than a 5th grader in creating Hyper-V virtual machine and installing Windows Server 2012?

Are you?

Caleb’s understanding of virtualization and Hyper-V was a surprise to me since I did not sit down and gave him a technical discussion or training of any kind in Microsoft virtualization, and yet he seemed quite comfortable with creating and operating a virtual machine (VM) in Hyper-V. He probably learned how to install Windows Server 2012 by being around in my home office after he’s out of school in those afternoons a few weeks ago, since while building VM images and developing demos I would then go through installing servers and verified settings back and forth many times.


What got me excited is not necessary that he’s able to follow the wizard and clicking through the settings. What has impressed me is that his confidence in describing the process, his comfort level in navigating through the UI, and his abilities to visualize some of the essential concepts of virtualization such as adding Hyper-V role, composing a VM, setting Dynamic Memory, creating a Virtual Switch, etc. And of course, most importantly snacked along the way and never left any cookies. 🙂

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