2010 TechNet Firestarter Events

I am very excited to announce our upcoming TechNet events for the remainder of 2010. Based on the feedbacks from those who attended our events in the past few quarters, we have made some changes on our deliveries. We will have two tracks simultaneously delivered in the US east coast. The ten Windows 7 Deployment events are delivered by John Baker and Blain Barton. While eight SharePoint 2010 are by Yung Chou and Bob Hunt.





John Baker

Blain Barton

Yung Chou

Bob Hunt

These are so called Firestarter events with the first session starts from 9 AM and the last and fourth finished by 5 PM. And throughout the day we will have sessions relevant to a specific technical focus. We are hoping with this format more technical depth can be delivered within a short period of time. The following is the schedule. The registration links have the location information and abstracts. Most events are to be delivered in Microsoft offices and the seats are very limited. So register early. You have been here advised. 🙂

MVPs, user group leaders, and IT influencers relevant to each track, please let us know you are coming. We would like to know the activities in your areas and how we may better assist you growing the communities.

See you all at the event near your city.

State City Date Subject Link
CT Farmington 10/05/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
FL Ft. Lauderdale 11/03/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
FL Ft. Lauderdale 11/29/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
FL Orlando 11/09/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
FL Tampa 12/01/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
GA Atlanta 09/28/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
GA Atlanta 11/09/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
MA Waltham 09/28/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
MA Waltham 12/02/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
MD Chevy Chase 09/23/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
MD Chevy Chase 09/30/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
NC Charlotte 11/11/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
NJ Iselin 11/04/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
NY New York 11/02/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
NY New York 11/17/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
PA Pittsburgh 09/22/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
PA Malvern 10/07/10 Windows 7 Deployment Register
PA Malvern 11/18/10 SharePoint 2010 Register
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