Remote Desktop Services, Quick Notes of

I received a few quick questions on Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and thought to share my answers.

1) Do the new remote desktop enhancements in Srv2008R2 & Windows7Ent/Ult require the upgrade of Active Directory to 2008R2 Native Mode?

The Domain functional level needs to be in 2008 R2 to take advantage of the VDI capabilities.


In Active Directory User Object with Windows Server 2008 R2 domain functional level, we now have a tab for Personal Virtual Desktop, for example.


2) Regarding publication of the server with ISA, since the authentication is now forms based, how is this done?

I have not had a chance to do this myself yet. However the process should be very similar, if not identical, with publishing Terminal Services Gateway  (TSG) in Windows Server 2008 to an ISA external interface. There are a great TechNet Magazine article, Enhance TS Gateway Security with ISA Server 2006, and a TechNet page, Configuring the TS Gateway ISA Server Scenario, explaining the process well.

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