Self-Service Portal What, Why, and How; A TechTalk Session in TechEd 2009

John (Baker), a good friend and a colleague of mine in the Microsoft US East Evangelist team, and I both attended TechEd 2009 in L.A. and the first thing that Monday we did was to walk in a little onsite studio and record a TechTalk session. Since we needed to get it done in our time slot which was 30 minutes including getting in and out, mingling with the crew, getting John off email (that was a tough one, if you know what I mean), and finding the right angle for me (which was the most important thing as far as I was concerned for the whole recording), etc. Everything happened real fast and basically we sit down, put on the microphones, smiled, talked, thanked you, then got up and left, so the crew could start recording the next session. And yes, we did it in one take. It was a little bit intense and stressful, yet I had a lot of fun doing it. John is fun to work with and we always have a good time hanging out. Not to mention I got to talk about Self-Service Portal, something I consider one of the key objectives for implementing a virtual machine manager infrastructure.

Take a look. It’s a 10-minute fame of me and Sir Baker in TechEd 2009. Maybe we will do it more on other interesting and frequently asked topics like Direst Access, Windows XP Mode, boot with VHD, Bitlocker to go, and many more.

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