The wait for SQL Server 2008 is over…

Microsoft released SQL Server 2008 to manufacture (RTM) on 08/06/2008 and the press release is here. All of the RTM bits are on the TechNet subscriber download area. Much information of this SQL Server release is readily available. TechNet Magazine recently published an overview of the key changes and what you can expect from SQL Server 2008. You can also get a rundown of the various Editions and Components of SQL Server 2008 and take part in SQL Server 2008 Tutorials.

An Overview of SQL Server 2008 installation will help you get started with your deployments.  You can also find guidance for Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 or Migrating to SQL Server 2008.  And if you are upgrading, be sure to check out Using Upgrade Advisor to Prepare For Upgrades.

Finally, you can easily find local partners offering SQL Server 2008 solutions, find training partners near you offering official Microsoft courses on SQL Server 2008, as well as attend local in-person events and online webcasts on SQL Server 2008.

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