Free E-Book: Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

This book, by Mitch Tulloch with the Microsoft Virtualization team, is for IT professionals who want to learn more about Microsoft virtualization and virtualization-enabling technologies. It convers many areas of virtualization solutions including: Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Application Virtualization, Presentation Virtualization (Terminal Services), Desktop Virtualization, etc. You can download the book here.


Identifying Opportunities to Reduce TCO with Cost Savings Analysis and Optimization Self-Assessment Tools

Current economic downturn confronts us with a tremendous impact and unfavorable trend on worldwide IT budget and spending as discussed in Simple Savvy Savings – 9 ideas to make anyone a Cost Cutting Hero by Tom Pisello, CEO, Alinean, Inc. More than ever companies are now looking for every opportunity to further cut costs and…


Realizing the ROI of Microsoft Virtualization Solutions and How to Start

  Reference: Microsoft virtualization cost saving whitepaper, the ROI tool and training The referenced white paper presents case studies of Microsoft customers including:   Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Costco Wholesale Corp   Saint Raphael Healthcare System Slough Borough Council   Saxo Bank WorleyParsons   TALX AspenTech   HotSchedules Banverket ICT   Slough Borough Council Maxol  …


Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) Delegation and Approval Workflow With AGPM 3.0

In the TechNet Webcast: Microsoft Solutions for Windows Vista Management (Level 300), I will demo a number of capabilities for managing Vista desktops and Windows environment in general. Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) 3.0 is one of the 5 components in Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance (MDOP) 2008 R2. AGPM enables the…


Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Workspace Replication Upon Acceptance of Invitation

This blog explains how a Groove 2007 client behaves differently from a Groove 3.x client on the replication of a workspace. Upon a client’s acceptance of a Groove workspace invitation, the current content of the workspace is replicated via a Groove cloud to the client’s end. I am referring a Groove cloud as the network…


Sample PowerShell Scripts

Many of you attended my TechNet events have asked me about getting the sample scripts I used in the PowerShell session. Kevin Remde, one of our best presenters in the TechNet Team, has contributed and shared pertinent information including event resources pages and our PowerShell demo scripts. I have now made them available as a download. Here’s how you can try them:…


System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008 Rapid Prototyping

This is a follow-up on Keith Combs’ posting, Setting up your laptop to run SCVMM 2008. I have a demo environment configured with working Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.5 and Presentation Virtualization (i.e. Terminal Services) solutions. Now with SCVMM added, I can demo the management of IT infrastructure with physical and virtual computing resources, which is…


An Invitation to Upcoming Microsoft SharePoint and Groove Usability Studies

Announcement Do you use SharePoint and work with Groove? Microsoft’s User Research Group is conducting series of studies for SharePoint products and technologies at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA, and is looking for participants in the Puget Sound area. The research team is looking for individuals who use SharePoint at least twice a week…