Windows 10: Using CopyProfile for the “Start Menu” has been deprecated.

Applies to:

Windows 10 1803 ((tbd))

Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators update)

Windows 10 1703 (Creators update)

Windows 10 1607 (Anniversary update) / Windows Server 2016

Windows 10 1511 (November update)

Windows 10 1507 (RTM)

[Problem description]

  • Start Menu does not work at all.
  • Start Menu (and cortana) will become unresponsive, leaving users without a working Start Menu

Q:  Moving forward we can no longer expect CopyProfile to set the Start Layout, pined Items and customized backgrounds? Is that correct?

A:  That is correct.  "The Start Menu Product Group does not support customizing the Start layout with copyprofile."

“Using CopyProfile for Start menu customization isn't supported. Here are the ways to manage custom Start layouts in Windows 10:


Customize the Default User Profile by Using CopyProfile

Q:  Are other portions of CopyProfile still supported in Windows 10?

A:  Yes, everything in CopyProfile except the “Start Menu” and “Taskbar” layout are supported in Windows 10.


Q:  What’s the alternative to customize the “Start Menu” during a deployment or imaging?

A:  Use the Group Policy:

User or Computer / Administrative Templates/Start Menu and Taskbar/Start Layout


Configure Windows 10 taskbar

Manage Windows 10 Start and taskbar layout

Pimp my Windows 10 – Business Customization Reference

Q:  How does it work?

A:  Import-Startlayout modifies the default user profile. All new users that login after import-startlayout has been run will get the new StartLayout.

Q:  I want to be able to 'force' some items to be pinned but I also want my end-users to be able to customize their own apps in the Start Menu.

A:  To be able to get the end-users to pin their own Start-menu items, there is a ‘Partial Lockdown’ where you need to specify “OnlySpecifiedGroups”

Locate the <DefaultLayoutOverride> section and add a parameter as detailed below.

<DefaultLayoutOverride LayoutCustomizationRestrictionType=”OnlySpecifiedGroups”>


Customize and export Start layout

Windows 10 Start Layout Customization

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