[Cross-Post] Debugging Windows Applications with DebugDiag Workshop

What is DebugDiag?       If you have seen automation for:


          • Slow boot and slow logon using Matthew Reynolds’s POP-Bootxray Premier engagement

DebugDiag automates the analysis of “user mode dump” (including Windows Error Reporting (WER) used to be known as Dr. Watson) files that would require an expert using the Windows Debugger (WinDbg).

Level 400 (Hardcore ™ track for Microsoft Ignite) user mode debugging at a Level 300 for IT Administrators (IT Pro’s).

Have you been having problems with application(s) or service(s) crashes or hangs?

              i.e.  Office apps crashing or hanging

      • Outlook
      • Word
      • Excel
      • Powerpoint
      • Access

              Or Internet Explorer (IE) or other browsers.

              Or Line of business (LOB) (Win32 apps or Web or Universal) apps

              Or in-house (Win32 apps or Web or Universal) apps

              Or 3rd party apps

              Or Shell (Explorer)

              Or svchost.exe


Before calling Microsoft CSS Support or having an “Enterprise Service Delivery” (ESD) “Premier Field Engineer” (PFE) on-site, how about triaging the issue and gathering the necessary information to get to the bottom of the problems using DebugDiag?

To learn more about DebugDiag, please go to the following link:

Debugging Windows Applications with DebugDiag Workshop


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