Event ID 2012: While transmitting or receiving data, the server encountered a network error.


Applies to:

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 8.1

Windows Server 2012

Windows 8.0

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7

Windows Server 2008

Windows Vista


In the System event log, you might notice:

Log Name:      System
Source: srv
Event ID: 2012
Level: Warning
Computer:      MachineName.fqdn
While transmitting or receiving data, the server encountered a network error. Occassional errors are expected, but large amounts of these indicate a possible error in your network configuration.  The error status code is contained within the returned data (formatted as Words) and may point you towards the problem.
In Words
0000: 00040000 002C0001 00000000 800007DC
0008: 00000000 C0000184 00000000 00000000
0010: 00000000 00000000 00000634


C:\Windows\system32>err C0000184
  for hex 0xc0000184 / decimal -1073741436
  STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_STATE                                    ntstatus.h
  The device is not in a valid state to perform this request.
  1 matches found for "C0000184"


This basically is an error that the network driver is giving SRV on the send IRPs. It usually indicates a send is issued on a connection which is no longer in a state valid for sending. For example, send when a connection has not reached connected state will return STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_STATE. If disconnect has been initiated, then the same error would be returned for further sends.




1. Antivirus Filter driver interfering with the network stack

2. An outdated or bad network card driver

3. A bad NIC

4. Network Teaming software

5. WAN Optimization devices

6. Mismatched Speed and Duplex settings between the NIC and switch

7. A spotty connection to a switch port




  • Make sure that the firmware for the network switches/WAN accelerators and routers are up-to-date.
  • Update the NIC firmware and driver.
  • Update the NIC teaming software/driver.
  • Update the Antivirus software or completely uninstall (for relief, and follow-up w/ the AV vendor)
  • Manually set the speed/duplex
  • Replace the network cable(s)
  • Try a different switch port
  • For the WAN optimizers, to try getting the packets from being modified, try using encapsulating the packets using IPsec.



Reason for System Event Log srv Event ID: 2012 - While transmitting or receiving data, the server encountered a network error.

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