Tool: MPSreports replacement as of Oct. 8th, 2013

Hello fellow Microsoft IT administrators,

For those searching for the Microsoft Product Support Report (MPSReport) you may notice that the links to the tools are no longer working.


What’s the reason?  In order to comply with CVAA.

What is?  CVAA (21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act) updates federal communications law to increase the access of persons with disabilities to modern communications.

For more information:
Note:  Currently not available due to the U.S. Federal government shutdown.


So, how do I do the same type of work that MPSReports provided to me?

Inside of Microsoft, we have been using a new tool called Microsoft Diagnostic Tool (MSDT).  It’s been shipping as a part of Windows Vista RTM and Windows Server 2008 SP1.  The main module is named MSDT.exe

For example, the MPSReport PFE version, a very similar package is called "CTS Reports Diagnostic".

We have MSDT available to you too.

Where could you grab it?

My colleague Mike Rosado wrote this great detailed post, I would highly recommend it:

Before opening a case, try FixIt Center Pro and see how it can save you time…

Until the next post,


Comments (5)

  1. JamieTerrell says:

    How did MPSreports break the CVAA?

  2. SCH_Th says:

    dead links – please update.

  3. prima66 says:

    and that is it from MS. I've been using this tool for several years and now if I don't open a support ticket with MS I can use it??? Great stuff MS

  4. Anonymous says:

    Last year we released a new version of our self-help automated troubleshooting service to replace Fix

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