Tool: DebugDiag v2.0 now released to web (RTW)

Hi all,

Here is another tool for your tool-belt and arsenal to fight problems with applications and services.

It’s available for download at:

Debug Diagnostic Tool v2.0

Q:  How is this different than Sysinternals ProcDump or Adplus (adplus.exe or adplus.vbs)?
A:  I personally like it because you can run as a service.
So no users have to be logged in to capture the user mode memory dump.

Q:  What type of problems can you resolve?
A:  Memory leaks (heap (a.k.a. private bytes) and virtual allocations (virtual bytes).
Application crashes
Handle leaks

Instead of rebooting the Windows clients or servers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you could keep the uptime of your systems longer by finding the culprit of your instabilities.

Q:  Would I install this service as a part of my client or server builds? 
A:  Personally, yes, I would add it to the image.

Q:  Should I run the tool by itself?

A:  I would run a matching perfmon so you could see the trending.

Setting a remote perfmon Windows Server 2012 style...

Note:  The instructions works for the Windows clients too.


The official Microsoft DebugDiag website:

DebugDiag 2.0 has been released to web (RTW)

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  1. sossena says:

    can DebugDiag be installed on Windows 2016 server?

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