We are hiring Premier Field Engineer for Windows in the West coast (Irvine, San Francisco and Issaquah, WA., U.S.A.)


Are you looking for an opportunity to work on the cutting edge of Windows technology?  Are you looking for a challenging opportunity to develop your skills further?  Do you want to be a part of a team that teaches, prevents and fixes issues?  If you said yes to these questions then we are looking for you and your talents.


What is a PFE like?

How to become a Premier Field Engineer (PFE)

we also have the CTS interview cycle, which is very similar to our (PFE) organizations process.

One of us: What it was like to interview for a support role at Microsoft

Accelerating Your IT Career

Do I really need at least 5 years of experience?

What we are really looking for is IQ, practical knowledge, logical thought, and communication skills.

What are the benefits?

Perks & Benefits

Is it a good place to work for?

It makes Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for.

How do I prepare?

Here is an example of what you should be learning to try getting into one of the positions.

Seeing the domains through the forest: What you need to know to build your career in Directory Services technologies

My personal advice is, be hungry to take on new challenges that await you.  For a lot of folks, that might look like ‘work’ but if you are really passionate about technology, you love it 24x7.

Browse to http://careers.microsoft.com



Select “Services & Consulting” and select “United States”

Click on “Search”




Select “Windows” under Product

Select “Services & Support” under “Division”

Click on “Search”


You will have the three (3) jobs above.

Irvine, CA. is where I’m based out of, which is about 1 hour away from Los Angeles, CA.

San Francisco, CA. is close to ‘Silicon Valley’

And Issaquah, WA. is about 35 minutes south of Redmond, WA. which is our main headquarters.


Let’s say that you want to stay in the East coast or Mid-west or in the Mountain region.


You specialize in another technology such as Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, etc…

That is ok.


You could see that we have over 100 posting as of today.

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