Bootvis on Windows XP…

Bootvis on Windows XP, a lot of folks are wondering why the tool was removed from the Microsoft site.

It has been replaced with a much more robust tool called XbootMgr (X Boot Manager) which is a part of the “Windows Performance Toolkit”.

You could find information about the different XbootMgr/XPerf versions here:


The little gotcha when trying to install into a Windows XP machine:

XP/Server2003:Xperf.exe, XPerfView.exe and XbootMgr.exe missing after installing the WPT (Windows Performance ToolKit)


And two whitepapers from the Product Group (PG) for Vista/Win7 which a good amount still can be used to look into WinXP related boot issues:

How to troubleshoot slow boots (startup) and logons (logins) on your Vista or Windows 7 system.

Here is a sample syntax to get you started:

Click on Start, Run, CMD.exe


Type “Xbootmgr.exe -trace boot” without the quotation marks, and then press Enter.

This will reboot your machine within 5 seconds.

Once the system is back up, login as fast as you can so you won’t skew the results.

Once the logging is done, you should have a boot_1.etl in c:\xperf

Copy the .etl file over to your Windows Vista or Windows 7 for analysis.

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