Configure Shared Mailbox in active sync device (Android)


Wanted to configure Office365 shared mailbox as the primary mailbox in active sync devices.



When tries to access shared mailbox in Phone or tablet having android/IOS operating system installed in it will not get configured or Automap with the primary mailbox.



There are many scenarios where shared mailboxes which are being shared by users to keep an eye on new sales call or support issues. Where they need an instant access to those emails which are coming directly to shared mailbox. To meet up such needs we should have access to shared mailboxes on our mobile phone and for this scenario we should have the capability to configure shared mailbox on Mobile devices as an independent active sync account.



Shared Mailbox does not have license and cannot connect directly to office365 with username and password.


  1. Create Shared Mailbox:

a. Open >> Recipients >> Shared

b. Click >> put in the required details >> add the user to whom you want to have FullAccess and Sends Permission.


c. Shared Mailbox is created successfully.


Shared mailbox showing in EAC


      2.  Every Shared Mailbox which is getting created in office365 have the identity created with the same Email address in Active user stating user which is unlicensed.

                       a.       Go to Admin Centre >> Active User

                       b.       Search for the shared mailbox which is created in Exchange admin center


User object created for the shared mailbox


        3.        Select the shared mailbox which you want to configure in Mobile device or Outlook client as the primary mailbox:

                        a.       Select shared mailbox user

                        b.       Click on Reset Password



c.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Uncheck the ‚ÄúMake this User change their password when they first sign in‚ÄĚ and Select ‚ÄúLet me create the password‚ÄĚ


            4.    Configure Shared mailbox in Android device:

                             a.        Go to Settings >> Add accounts


                              b.       Put Shared mailbox email address


                           c.       Put the same password which was reset and generated.


                          d.   While configuring it will ask you to redirect to office365 Autodiscover >> Click


                            e.   Once account is setup, you can see all the information for incoming server.


                              f.   Shared Mailbox configured successfully:


                                 g.       You can open from Google Mail app by clicking on Exchange option available there.


                                h. You will be able to see all the incoming emails from mobile device.


                                i.  We can also be able to send email from phone using shared mailbox email address.



Note: Microsoft Office365 support team will not support if you are not able to configure, Send/receive email from Phone devices using this method.

Points to remember:

  1. If users are getting synchronized through on premise AD, Password should be reset from AD and then it should be synchronized to cloud. To check you can try login to and use shared mailbox credential.
  2. If you are in Hybrid Environment, Create shared mailbox in on premise Exchange server and then migrate it to cloud, Once migrated convert User mailbox to Shared mailbox. (To make sure Autodiscover will work to configure this account)
  3. This might affect the security for the shared mailbox as password is created and we have to share password with multiple people in the organization and if it gets compromised we cannot check if the data is only shared within the users or outside the organization. (Microsoft no where mentioned it as a Supported/Recommended  scenario and it is completely my personal finding)


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