Scheduled Tasks MP v1.0.0.23

This is the latest version of the Scheduled Tasks MP. This version was published in April 2010 on OpsManJam, and I am bringing it over here, in the same place as the previous versions.

This MP discovers and monitors instances of the Task Scheduler services and the task it is configured to run. The service and the tasks - and actions on Windows Vista/7 and Windows Server 2008/R2 - are configured automatically as a parent-child relationship, which makes it easy to see what is going right or wrong:

Some proactive configuration checks are done at the scheduled tasks level, like : is the account disabled or locked? Does the target executable exist?

Some tasks are added to help troubleshooting, on top of the existing monitors.

Some properties are also discovered, like the account of the scheduled tasks. This means that changing the account of a task results in a configuration change, which is easily identified in availability reports (which are available for each instances too, task scheduler and scheduled tasks)

Specics about this latest version

  • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 support (Task Scheduler 2.0)
  • These new supported platforms needed some changes in the class model: created an abstract class for Scheduled Tasks, and derived “Task 2003” and “Task 2008” classes from it. Also defined a new “Action 2008” class to handle “Task 2008” sub elements.
  • More meaningful alerts, with context details in the description
  • More logging in the “Operations Manager” event log, and created the associated event views
  • Added “Task Scheduler Account Management” RunAs Profile to provide flexibility on the action account

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, this is a previous blog and I do not come here often, and I just realized notifications on comments were not enabled…

    This was a sample/community MP and I now have limited time to update it. The good thing is that the MP is unsealed, so it is possible to open the XML file and try to investigate/enhance it (I am especially thinking about the rules unloading issues a few have
    reported for a subset of managed agents).

    Also remember that this was released prior to Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012, so it may require tweaks to work fine with these releases (and higher, including R2).

    Thanks, and apologies again for the late reply.

  2. Jose Fehse says:

    Hi Bruno, I've been testing your MP (thanks a lot!) and I'm facing some agents being unloaded when some tasks are not "in the right state or place". I've detected manuallly triggered tasks and when I disable the monitoring for them, it seems the agents go back to a normal state. I've also had some tasks under the Microsoft node being detected, for some reason. Have you experienced anything like that?

  3. Jose Fehse says:

    Hi Bruno, I have sealed the MP and I'm now having problems creating the run as account (I have secure reference issue). Is there a quick way to fix this?

    Thank you,


  4. Garion says:

    Hi Bruno, just an FYI, I am facing the same issue as Jose mentioned in regards to about 5% of my agents being unloaded.  One difference that I have is that the scheduled tasks on the servers are NOT all manual triggered tasks.  Just wondering if you might be able to shed some insight on why these agents might be unloading because this management pack is extremely useful in that it checks all the boxes for us; client support, reporting, account checks.  Thanks for your help

  5. Steve says:


    I have installed the latest version of the MP and it looks great.  However – I have several scheduled tasks on my SCOM 2012 management server – and these do not appear in the tasks list.  When I look under task scheduler state – there is no healthy option for the management server either (its just blank).  Any ideas??



  6. Andre says:

    When i try to Import it, i receive following error:

    Invalid Management Pack : C:Program FilesSystem Center Management PacksSampleMP.ScheduledTasks.xml .: XSD verification failed for management pack. [Line: 1128, Position: 8]

    The element 'Overrides' has invalid child element 'SecureReferenceOverride'. List of possible elements expected: 'CategoryOverride, MonitoringOverride, RuleConfigurationOverride, RulePropertyOverride, MonitorConfigurationOverride, MonitorPropertyOverride, DiagnosticConfigurationOverride, DiagnosticPropertyOverride, RecoveryConfigurationOverride, RecoveryPropertyOverride, DiscoveryConfigurationOverride, DiscoveryPropertyOverride'.

    what do i Need to Change to successfuly Import the Management pack?

    Thanks in advance

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