Major IAM Vendors

Vendor selection is critical in IT business. I still remember an old story when I joint big blue family last Century: a wise advice was spread among IT decision makers globally: “You will never be fired if you buy from IBM”. 


It had worked for a long while. Then, people got fired. Finally, you can not buy PCs from IBM because they are sold to Lenovo. Despite of the result, this phenomenon reflects an enterprise strategy: go with the industry and market leader.


In currently IAM industry and market, a question is “who is the leader?”. My answer is none because no single vendor can provide a complete end to end IAM solution. Near a hundred IAM vendors are fighting a war to become the leader.  Mergers and acquisitions happen frequently.


Before you invest on IAM projects, you should be aware of major IAM product vendors. Just like buying a car, you will have more choices if you know all major auto makers. I have gathered most major IAM vendors in following list (in alphabetic order):


A10 Networks -

Abridean (bought by nCiper) -
ActivIdentity (renamed from ActivCard) -
Alacris (bought by Microsoft) -
Aladdin -
Authentify -
Avatier -
Axalto (see Gemalto) -
Bayshore -
Beta Systems -
BindView (bought by Symantec) -
BNX Systems -
Bridgestream -
CA -

Centrify -

Citrix -
Courion -
Credentica -
Datapower (bought by IBM) -
Digital Persona -
Enatel -
Entegrity -
Entrust -
Epok -
Eurekify -
Evidian -

Fastpass -

Fischer Int’l -
Gemplus (see Gemalto) -

Gemalto (merger of Gemplus and Axalto) -
GlobalSign -


HP -


Identity Engines -
Imanami -
Imprivata -
Indala -
Jericho Sys Juniper -

LogicTrends -

Maxware -
Microsoft - 

Mirapoint -

M-Tech -

nCipher -
NetIQ -
NetPro -
NeuStar -
Novell -
Oblix (bought by Oracle) -
OctetString (bought by Oracle) -
Omnikey -
Oracle -
Paramount Defenses -

Passlogix -
Persistent Sys. -
Philips -
Ping Identity -
Proginet -
Protocom (bought by ActivIdentity) -
Quest -
Radiant Logic -
Red Hat -
RSA Security (bought by EMC) -
SafeStone -
Secured Services -
Securent -

SecurIT -
Sentillion -
Siemens -
Sun -
Sxip -
Symantec -
SymLabs -

Thor (bought by Oracle) -
Trustgenix (bought by HP) -
Valicert -

Veridicom -
Voelcker -
ZeroKnowledge -


I understand it is not practical to review every product of every vendor through an individual effort. In order to rate vendors fairly, I encourage you to join the community and post your comment if you have experience with any vendors and their products.


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