Review – MIIS SP2 Password Management Beta 1

A major new feature in MIIS SP2 is Q/A (question/answer) based password reset self service. The password management application has 4 UI compoments on top of MIIS SP2: User Registration, Password Self Reset, Password Helpdesk Reset, and Admin.


- Easy intallation with msi package

- Flexible question configuration with admin defined or user defined questions

- Data is secured in storage and transmmition

- Minimal coding effort

- Can be used by both users and helpdesk

- No additional cost to MIIS

- Great value to reduce helpdesk password reset cost


- Smart Card is not supported

Overall Rating:

7 out of 10

(0-2: fail to work, 3-5: work in demo/test environment, 6-8: work in production environment, 9-10: excellent quality, great value, highly recommended)

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