Review – Microsoft IAM Group Management Solution

One of group management solutions is part of Microsoft Identity and Access Management Series and you can download from: or

The group management is a subset of "Provisioning and Workflow" in the series. The code is written in Visual Basic. In my environment, I don't have Sun One and Lotus Domino. So I simply commented out several lines of provisioning code for Sun One Directory and Lotus mailbox, and re-compiled the solution. After installation and configuration on MIIS/SQL/IIS servers and in AD, I added more HR sample data, and defined several simple query groups and family of attribute groups through the Web UI. Then, I ran the supplied batch file which called Group Populator and MIIS 2003 run profiles. Finally, all groups showed up in AD and everything worked as claimed in the doc.

Although I like this "product", I ended up with own group management solution from scratch due to limitations explained in Cons.


  • Excellent and easy to follow documentation to explain all aspects of requirements, architecture, design, implementation, setup and operations.
  • Good quality of code (I didn't encounter bugs/errors myself)
  • Nice preview feature for simple groups in Web UI
  • Logic builder in Web UI to create attribute groups
  • Source code provided for customization
  • Free of Charge


  • It works for single forest only and there is no way to get around to support multi-forests through code change.
  • It doesn’t build hierarchical groups by default. This could be resolved by code change but it is not an easy task.

Overall Rating:

7 out of 10

(0-2: fail to work, 3-5: work in demo/test environment, 6-8: work in production environment, 9-10: excellent quality, great value, highly recommended)

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