New Whiteboard coming to Surface Hub

Announced today, the Microsoft Whiteboard is now GA for all Windows 10 devices.

The Microsoft Whiteboard app was in preview for a year or so and will be updated using the Microsoft Store from Microsoft Whiteboard (Preview) to Microsoft Whiteboard.


Amongst the new features, you can find an improved UI:

A better sharing experience:


With the ability to turn off web sharing links:


And Bing image search is back!


For Surface Hub, The existing whiteboard (Microsoft Whiteboard 2016) will continue to be the default whiteboard app and will launch when the pen is picked up (Don't tell me you didn't that!!) or from the Welcome screen.

Heads up for some limitations:

  •  The existing app (Microsoft Whiteboard 2016) cannot collaborate with Surface Hubs running the new version (Microsoft Whiteboard).
  • Screen clipping will not launch the whiteboard app when the two versions of Whiteboard are installed side-by-side on a Surface Hub.
  • The new version currently supports exporting whiteboards as .png files only. So no emails or export to OneNote files (Though you can access the whiteboard from your PC at any time!)

You can choose when to roll out the new Microsoft Whiteboard app - follow this blog for information on how to roll out the new app for your organization.

For the official announcement - click here.

For Surface Hub readiness - click here.

Update July 24, 2018: You now have the ability to revoke other people's access to your whiteboards:

Comments (4)

  1. Daniel Hudson says:

    Hi Yoav. Any reason why the Whiteboard app won’t support emailing the file to users? This seems like a key feature for Surface Hub and is the easiest way to share for our users at the moment.

    1. The existing export option is only to a PNG file.
      Email might not be necessary as the whiteboard is persistent and you can continue to work on it from your other Windows 10 devices and share it with colleagues.
      If you’re still missing a feature please submit a feedback for the engineering team. They’re listening!

    2. James Arber says:

      @Daniel it does support email from the SurfaceHub. the Export to PNG option brings up the “Share” slide on Hub instead of the File browser on PC. From there you can email just like on the old Whiteboard

  2. James Arber says:

    We have been having a play with it here in the office on both our PC’s and Surface Hubs a few things
    – The persistence is great but it might be an idea to pop a notification when the “host” leaves a shared whiteboard as any invitee’s can still manipulate the image.
    — Last thing you want to do is work on something together only for someone to put something silly in there before you open it on the hub to show a client

    – Unlike the preview build of Whiteboard 2016 there is no indication of who is drawing what where
    — In the 2016 whiteboard w/collab users icons would appear next to any content as they were drawing it
    — Perhaps we could make it work similar to Teams Desktop Sharing?

    – As an attendee, if the host deletes the whiteboard you can continue editing the board
    — However there is no notification that the host has left
    — Worse yet if you leave the whiteboard (to look at something else) your content vaporises.
    — Perhaps give the user a notification that the host has left.. giving the host the option to kick everyone or change the “owner”

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