Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub (Preview)

Long awaited, the Microsoft Teams Surface Hub app is now available in preview for Surface Hubs that are members of the Insider program.

You must be on the latest Insider update for the app to become available:


Surface Hubs that enter the Insider program must not be used in Production environments. 
To leave the Insider's program you must reset the Surface Hub - There's no roll back option.

Also note, that in order to become a Windows Insider Program member, the Surface Hub must be set to Full Telemetry PRIOR to joining the Windows Insider program.
Due to GDPR rules, the default settings of Windows Telemetry recently changed from Full to Basic in EU countries. Please verify settings prior to joining the Windows Insider Program.
Attempting to join the Windows Insider Program when set to Basic telemetry may require a reset of the Surface Hub.
To validate the Windows Telemetry settings on a Surface Hub, choose >Settings >Privacy >Feedback and Diagnostics and set to Full.

Once you've met all the requirements and you're on the latest Insider update, the app is available for download from the Microsoft Store:



The preview app will not show up on the program list, but may replace the existing Skype for Business app on the Surface Hub - based on the following options:

You will need to configure the Surface Hub to use either Skype for Business, Teams, or hybrid:

  • Mode 0 - Skype for Business Only (Default)
  • Mode 1 - Hybrid (Both Skype for Business and Teams)
  • Mode 2 - Teams Only

To enable either mode, you can download and install a prepared .ppkg file from here.

If you've chosen Mode 2, after restarting the Surface Hub you'll notice that the Skype Tile now says 'Call', and that the controls before and during a call are the Microsoft Teams controls:

As with the Skype for Business app for Surface Hub, Video will start automatically:

Sharing and collaboration features are identical so the Skype for Business app, with the exception of no automatic camera switching on the Surface Hub. If you wish to change your camera view (left or right), you can do so by tapping on your video feed in the app.

If you're  already on the Insider program, Download the Microsoft Teams Preview app for Surface Hub here.

*** Many thanks to Ervin Barabas for his help with testing the various scenarios and for his ongoing support.

Comments (13)

  1. Jon says:

    Hi Yoav,

    Thank you for a very detailed guide of Microsoft Team Preview for Surface Hub.

    I have tested all the mode option and this is my observation:

    a. Mode 0 = Skype preferred (with Teams co-existence), Skype icon in Welcome Screen
    b. Mode 1 = Teams preferred (with Skype co-existence), Teams icon in Welcome Screen
    c. Mode 2 = Teams exclusive only (Skype not available), Teams icon in Welcome Screen

    1. Correct.
      In both Mode0 and Mode1 – Skype for Business will accept the calls, however Teams will be used for AdHoc calls with Mode1.
      Mode2 will use Teams exclusively.

  2. Mathias says:

    I cannot start the Application. Teams closed immediately. Installation of .ppkg Files failed.

    1. Teams will close immediately if you couldn’t install the .ppkg fie.

  3. Ryan Spooner says:

    Why is this restricted to Surface hub? I have large touchscreen pcs from prowise and elo that are crying out for this functionality.

  4. T33R4PONG says:

    Hello Yoav,

    Thank you for your prompt support in this activity, we are look forward for this update.


  5. Really need this now, and not on Preview, in order to drive adoption of Teams as the hub for collaboration.

    1. Eric Scherlinger says:

      Hello Paul,
      If everything goes as planned it will be GA end of August. Which leave you time to try it before rolling it out this September 🙂

  6. Neal Bongers says:

    Followed the instructions and placed the mode 2 ppkg. However it is stil showing Skype (but wont open). When a meeting is planned, I can’t join, but the whiteboard opens
    I enrolled today and got the latest fast update.

    1. If you’re using Intune, try deploying the app with these instructions.

  7. Ryan says:

    Followed the guide but cant install the PPKG file.

    Is there anything else I need to do?

    1. No, installing the app and the .ppkg file is all that’s required.
      If you’re using Intune, you might want to try this.

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