Deploy the Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub app using Intune

Originally written for the Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub (Preview) app, this article is now updated to support the GA version of the app. Images may still contain ‘Preview’. In this post, I’m going to cover the steps required to push the Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub app to Surface Hubs and configure its options…


New Whiteboard coming to Surface Hub

Announced today, the Microsoft Whiteboard is now GA for all Windows 10 devices. The Microsoft Whiteboard app was in preview for a year or so and will be updated using the Microsoft Store from Microsoft Whiteboard (Preview) to Microsoft Whiteboard.   Amongst the new features, you can find an improved UI: A better sharing experience:…


Microsoft Teams for Surface Hub (Preview)

Long awaited, the Microsoft Teams Surface Hub app is now available in preview for Surface Hubs that are members of the Insider program. You must be on the latest Insider update for the app to become available:   Surface Hubs that enter the Insider program must not be used in Production environments.  To leave the…


Servicing, Flighting and Managing updates for Surface Hub (With Intune, of course!)

Whether you have five, fifty or five hundred Surface Hubs, managing and delivering updates to your Surface Hubs is as important as servicing your other Microsoft products.   Let’s see how to get it done right: What are our options? No matter how you manage your Surface Hubs, you have two update options: WSUS -…


Surface Hub 2!

Surface Hub 2 was introduced today by Panos Panay. Surface Hub 2 has a 4K 50.5” multi-touch display, along with 4K cameras that rotate with the device, integrated speakers and far field mic arrays. See the original post here.  


Add Surface Hub Rooms to Microsoft Teams Meetings

(Or any room, as a matter of fact)   There’s no need to elaborate on how Microsoft Teams is changing the way we work today (And if there is, check out our Customer Stories page). However, I sometimes get asked – What if we want to get some of the people in a conference room…


Customize Surface Hub’s Meetings Auto-Response

If your environment contains at least one surface Hub, you’re probably familiar with the replies sent from Surface Hub when you’re booking it. Hubs are configured as room mailbox, and designed to automatically accept or decline the meting invite based on their availability; If the Hub is available – it’ll automatically accept your meeting invite…


Changing Surface Hub’s Start Menu

In the January 17, 2018 update for Windows 10, it was announced that Surface Hub now supports the customization of its Start menu layout. This is manageable via MDM. There’s a detailed article on how to do it, but let me take you step by step through the process. This is the Default Start Menu on…


Deploy Windows Store apps to Surface Hub using Intune

Deploying apps to your Surface Hub is covered in the Surface Hub Admin Guide, but this post will guide you through the steps required to successfully configure the Microsoft Store for Business and deploy the offline apps to you Surface Hubs using Intune. First things first – Enable it If not yet enabled in your…


Configuring a proxy for your Surface Hub

Sure, it sounds obvious, right? However, configuring a proxy (and configuring the proxy) for Surface Hub is a task not to be taken lightly.   If you refer to the Surface Hub Administrators Guide, there are specific asks and requirements for proxy settings that will help you go through the installation phase successfully, and save…