Always On VPN – Face to Face with Direct Access

For ages that Direct Access was *the* Microsoft de facto solution for Enterprises to seamlessly connect remote devices into their corporate network.

But times changed (fast!) and we needed different, let's even say "better", solutions.

Let's enumerate a couple of points where DA was not so suitable.

  1. It only worked with Windows devices (PC). We had to show some love for Windows 10 Mobile, right? ūüôā
  2. It was only for Domain Joined devices
  3. Enterprise SKU only
  4. Required a complex infrastructure
  5. No Azure AD (DJ++) support!! Windows AutoPilot FTW!!!
  6. etc.

More info regarding Always ON VPN vs DA.

So... are you looking for a new remote connectivity solution? Look no further!

Here's a fresh deployment guide for Always On VPN.

Remote Access Always On VPN Deployment Guide for Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10

There's also a Microsoft IT Showcase case study, if you want to have a look on how MSIT implemented  Always On VPN in Microsoft.

Enhancing remote access in Windows 10 with an automatic VPN profile

Happy VPN'ing!!


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