SCM 4.0 in the house!

Compliance and IT... Lack of compliance is like not having butter to pour on your morning toast.... Well... not so drastic, but very close 😉

For ages that Microsoft, together with a bunch of specialists, have produced a list of industry best practices for products like Windows, Exchange, SQL, etc.

This week, we witnessed the birth of Security Compliance Manager 4.0! (queue heavenly music here)

Besides being free, it's awesomely cool since it allows you to save a ton of work when creating new policies, or simply managing, customizing or analyzing already existing ones. And don't forget those DCM (Desired Configuration Management, aka Compliance Settings Manager) packs that you can use with System Center Configuration Manager.

It even sports the new recommendations for Windows Server 2016, which should be among us pretty soon! As of now, TP5 is the latest preview build if you want to test it.

You can get SCM 4.0 from here:

Here's a bit of guidance regarding security baselines.

Windows security baselines

And don't forget to follow the Microsoft Security Guide blog!

See you around!

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