How to manually update the Windows 8.1 Boot Files to fix Boot Issues

Boot Files Issues

Sometimes you may have to manually update the boot files to fix the boot file corruption or compatibility issue. For example, the requires to be installed first .

How to fix 

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  1. Aviral Sharma says:

    uh i downloaded the KB2894179 but i didnt find any of the files you listed

    1. Not sure if you have resolved the problem. If you can’t find the EFI boot file in KB2894179 or the KB2894179 is removed, you can always use the latest hotfix. The latest one on today 5/14/2017 is

      You should be able to find the following files after extracting the files by expand -f:*.* and dir /s to find the related files.


  2. MayanPudding says:

    This was really good. kind of a pain to actually get the files cause you have to download 1 of the 3 MSU, extract that then extract the cab file. but it worked.

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